RATES has been subcontracted by Civil Systems Engineering for there expertise in Real Time Hydrology Systems (RTHS), as part of the City of Harlingen Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC) 10 Flood Protection Planning Study. RATES will provide the study vital data by installing 5 custom RTHS along the Arroyo Colorado River. 

Real Time Hydrology Systems (RTHS)

The 5 Real Time Hydrology Systems (RTHS) stations to be installed will measure and report water depth, water temperature and precipitation. This data is constantly measured in real time and will be used to aid the development of new HEC-HMS models and HEC-RAS models in the RGV. RTHS holds the capability to be an Early Flood Warning system. RTHS’s ability to measure changes in water depth in real time, may allow automatic warnings to local entities about possible flood risks.

These 5 additional RTHS stations on the Arroyo Colorado River, will combine with other projects across the RGV. This includes Texas Water Development Board’s (TWDB) Flood Infrastructure Fund (FIF) that contracted over 42 other RTHS stations from RATES. These networks aid the understanding of a watershed’s hydrologic nature. This ability to track areas of issue and produce tangible evidence of improvement efforts over time, allow for greater allegations of resources.