Water Wizard

Water Wizard is a Decision Support Framework developed specifically to enable engineers, managers, planners and other decision makers of small and mid-sized water, wastewater and watershed management systems to maximize productivity and efficiency. Water Wizard was conceived as a Rules-Based Decision Support System that provided recommended actions to operational decisions using a combination of tacit (empirical) knowledge gleaned from expert focus groups and implicit (mechanistic) knowledge encoded from process theory. The Water Wizard ecosystem has expanded to include a Learning Management System, along with an evolving suite of “Wizards” that include Water Distribution System (WDS) Decontamination Guidance; WDS Instrumentation and Operational Guidance; Water & Wastewater Utility Rate Analysis; Economic Consequence Analysis for Disruptions in Water Service, Flooding, Drought and Inter basin Transfers; Real-Time Flood Damage Forecasting; Flood Response Coordination; and more. 

  • Decontamination
    • Water distribution system decontamination decision support system 
  • Economic Consequence Analysis
    • Economical consequence analysis for disruption in water service