TGLO CMP-27: Lower Laguna Madre

Cameron and Willacy Counties, Texas

2020 Texas Integrated Report Identifies Lower Laguna Madre as impaired due to NPS pollutant loads. Coastal currents affect the distribution and magnitude of storm surges and compound flooding. Two models are being developed by TWDB and USACE. TWDB is developing a SCISM Hydrodynamic model, while USACE is developing a coast wide storm surge model. RATES’s RTH Station will aid in data collection and address data gaps in these on-going initiatives. RATES will provide Continuous monitoring of hydrodynamics and water quality (CTD) and Quarterly Monitoring- Research Vessel Surveys that will take Hydrodynamic measurements (ADCP) and CTD cast (characterize water column structures/ hydrodynamic)​. This data will be applied in hydrodynamic modeling by multiple agencies.

  • TWDB (freshwater inflows/ oil spill trajectory)
  • TGLO (oil spill trajectory)
  • USACE (storm surge forecasting)​
  • TCEQ (NPS pollutant transport and fate modeling)