Technical/Field Staff

Linda Navarro


Watershed Engineer


Linda is a Civil Engineer who has been developing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications to support ongoing studies in the LRGV region regarding hydrologic and hydraulic (H&H) projects. Her area of expertise is H&H modeling, where she develops geodatabases with hydraulic assets to run the models using HEC-RAS, HEC-HMS, and SWMM-related software. The geodatabases that Linda has worked on involved the development of surveying protocols to obtain accurate georeferenced assets. As part of current LRGV efforts, Linda manages subcontractors to ensure surveying activities are completed according to stated RATES survey procedures. Linda also manages environmental-related projects, budgets, and tasks effectively and has shown the ability to use technology to achieve set objectives.


EIT / TX / 78822 / 2023


M.S., The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, 2021, Civil Engineering 

B.S., The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, 2019, Civil Engineering