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Skyler LeVrier


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Skyler LeVrier is an accomplished Electrical Engineer with over eight years of industry experience and additional military training. Skyler has demonstrated expertise in various design procedures, including electrical design, power design, CAD design, estimate, and project leadership, through his extensive work experience at various companies. He has also provided assistance in other fields of engineering and design, including civil and structural engineering, when necessary, and has provided training and knowledge to peers in electrical areas while managing his workload and aiding others in all projects. Additionally, Skyler has experience in project management, troubleshooting, scheduling, and process improvement. He is proficient in using various software tools, including Windows and Mac OSX, Microsoft Office, Project, MATLAB, C++, VLSI Design, AutoCAD, Revit, OpenRoads/Microstation. He has also undergone extensive training programs, including TxDOT Electrical Requirements and Install Traffic Signals Class, TxDOT Roadway Illumination & Electrical Installations Class, TxDOT Local Government Project Procedures (LGPP) Class, and RS Means USACE Training. Skyler has previously held a Top Secret Security Clearance and has been recognized for his outstanding work through an impressive list of awards that includes the CG Good Conduct Medal, CG Presidential Unit Citation, COMDT’s Letter of Commendation, and CG Merit Team Commendation. 

Skyler LeVrier is a project engineer who joined RATES eight months ago and has close to 10 years engineering experience in various areas.  He is responsible for overseeing and managing various projects, ensuring they are completed on time, within budget, and meet the client’s specifications.  He possesses a strong technical background and has a deep understanding of engineering principles and project management methodologies with a master’s in engineering management. Skyler thrives to be an excellent communicator, with the ability to effectively collaborate with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders to ensure everyone is aligned on project goals and is committed to delivering high-quality results and drive efficiency. 


MS / 2022 / Engineering Management / University of Texas Rio Grande Valley 
BS / 2014 / Electrical Engineering / University of Texas San Antonio 

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